Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

May 13th 2019 9:05am

"People with mental ill health, including common conditions and severe mental illness, can - with the right support - thrive at work" - St John Ambulance

Wellbeing should be a priority for all organisations of all sizes. Extensive research conducted by St John Ambulance found that two our of three people have considered leaving a job due to wellbeing issues; and one in four people have left their job in the past year due to mental ill health. 

The construction industry has the highest number of suicides of any profession with 1,400 workers taking their own lives over the course of only four years. Figures show that a further one in seven workers know a colleague who has taken their own life with many more having considered it themselves.

At Minstrell Recruitment we believe mental health is as important as physical first aid and actively work with our clients to stamp out the stigma and employ a functioning wellbeing framework with their organisations. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recently updated its guide to asking employers to consider ways to manage mental health and employee wellbeing. Earlier this year a debate in Parlament saw an overwhelmingly backed motion to introduce legislation to put mental and physical health on equal footing through workplace first aid regulations.  

If you are struggling with a mental health issue there are many ways you can find help. Your GP will be able to make an initial diagnosis and point you in the right direction for further treatment. There are charities and third-party organisations that offer free help and listening services such as the Samaritans and SANEline.

Talking to someone could be your first step to feeling better. There are professional services ready to listen and give you the appropriate support that you need.



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