First Day in a New Job? 5 Tips for Creating a Good Impression!

Aug 28th 2019 2:08pm

What to do when starting a new job, and how preparation can help you handle first day nerves. Here are five tips to make sure that you get off to a great start.

Be prepared

Just like your job interview, the impression you give and the impact you make on your first day can depend very much on how much preparation you’ve done. 

Make sure you bring the appropriate right to work information that is required – this could be documents such as your passport, P45 and national insurance details; it is worth checking beforehand if this is necessary.

Be punctual and presentable (first impressions)

Just like your job interview, you should make sure you should take some time to consider what is appropriate for you to wear, unless you’re 100% sure about what’s suitable, for example if you are required to wear a uniform or bring your own PPE

Be organised and proactive

It’s unlikely that you’ll be asked to get stuck in to projects immediately (although that’s not to say it isn’t a possibility). If you do have some time to spare, spend it getting adjusted, organised and understanding your place of work – coffee machines, toilets, fire exits etc…

Be proactive and build momentum if you can. This means asking questions, putting yourself forward for tasks and responsibilities, and getting your feet wet without finding yourself overwhelmed. 

Introduce yourself

Your manager or a colleague may show you around and introduce you to your team, but that doesn’t always happen. Either way, it’s best to be proactive, and make a special effort to introduce yourself to as many people are feel comfortable with, with a focus on remembering names if possible or as many as you can for day two.

Understand the culture

Walk around and get yourself familiar with the people you’ll be spending most of your days with. For many companies, cultural fit is hugely important. Your own long-term success, as well as the company, depends on how the team works.


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