7 Effective Ways to Inspire Your Team and Become More Productive

Aug 10th 2017 2:08pm

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Often connecting with your employees and inspiring them to reach greater heights can fall to the side-lines. Especially when budgets are tight and professional development and training arent always commonplace. Despite this it is still important to maintain a strong working relationship with your team.

In a recent study conducted by Forbes it was highlighted that most people assume it is possible to be an effective leader without being likable. Although this is somewhat true, you may not like the odds. Forbes calculated that:

“In a group of 51,836 leaders, we identified 27 who were rated at the bottom quartile in likability but were in the top quartile for overall leadership effectiveness. That equates to approximately 1 in 2000 cases that a boss who is highly unlikable appears in the top quartile of overall effectiveness.”

Here is a comprehensive list of just a few ways you can slightly change your approach but in turn see effective results:

1. Encourage great teamwork.

2. Cooperate well with others.

3. Show them you care.

4. Focus on the future.

5. Adapt and Learn.

6. Trust.

7. Listen.


To surmise, be consistent, be dependable and show your staff that you believe in them and in turn you will see a positive change.

For more information on this visit the Forbes website below and read the origanal article by Jack Zenger



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