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The Construction Skill Gap: What Can We Do to Help?

Jul 19th 2018 3:07pm

Skills shortages continue to challenge our construction industry, holding back important building work just at the time when the country needs more homes and infrastructure.

So what needs to change in order to recruit young, diverse people to the industry?

We need to widen the talent pool for our sector to thrive. However, attracting a more diverse workforce isn’t easy, but it is vital.

Across the UK, more and more construction organisations are understanding the need for collaboration on multiple levels. Bridging the gap between those inside and outside the industry – filling an education gap, improving access to the profession and enthusing young people to become pan-industry collaborators themselves.

Minstrell Training is operating in partnership with leading organisations to deliver bespoke Sector Based Work Academies (SBWA) in local communities across the North West. The purpose of these Academies is to create a skilled workforce who are all at an employable level to enter full time employment. Placements have 2 main components:

  • Pre-employment training
  • A guaranteed job interview

To date we have had several cohorts covering all areas of the construction industry with many candidates achieving a permanent position as a result.

How does the scheme work?

The trainees have a great deal of responsibility from the beginning. The scheme splits between on the job training and working on live projects learning all the vital skills needed for a future in the growing construction sector.

The trainees follow the programme for three or four years and on completion will be promoted to fully-fledged surveyors, with many progressing into management roles.

Why is it important?

The construction sector has faced a range of uncertainties in 2017 which have led to a national focus on the industry skills gap and employment challenges.

According to the CITB’s latest Construction Skills Report (CSN) construction output is expected to grow by 1.3% over the next five years, with 158,000 jobs to be created to meet projected requirements.

Entry level positions, like Labouring, Groundworkers, Security and Trainee site managers are in demand the most and this is only expected to continue through the years to come.

Andrew Wilkinson, the Health and Safety Trainer from Minstrell says that “I’m delighted that our programme provides support and guidance to so many talented people, giving them the skills and experience needed to not only thrive but gain long term sustainable employment within the construction industry.


Greg Baxendale: “This course opened my eyes to a number of skills I didn’t know I had as well as accurately allowing me to judge my existing skill set, I have finally realised how to put into practice goals and ambitions that I have always had.”

Sarah Smith“As a former stay at home mum, I had never considered construction as a viable career path. This course has taught me that there are so many different routes for me to develop a career in. Thank you so much to everyone on this course for all of your help!”

Amber Lewis: “I came into this course after recently graduating and I felt like I had nothing left to learn. This completely challenged every preconception I had and I have developed my functional skills and learnt how to effectively market myself.”

Jason Scholes: “After some time unemployed, the skills and qualifications developed on this course allowed me to get back into a working mindset and helped me feel more confident in a working environment.”

Jennifer Proudlove: “This course gives you invaluable functional skills that you need in a working environment and has boosted my confidence more than anything I have ever done”

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