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7 Reasons Why You Should Think About Finding a New Job

Jul 2nd 2018 10:07am

There are all matter of reasons that can prompt you to change your job, but how do you know when the right time is to move on? In this Top 7 blog we shall be covering the most common signals that you should start to think about a change in positions. 

The top signs that you should consider looking for a new job:

  • You hate every workday
    • You do not look forward to going to work on any day, but more so on a Monday following a weekend when it fills you with dread
  • You are bored or not feeling challenged
    • You have gained the necessary experience and can do the required tasks standing on your head, but lack interest that you used to have in the tasks you carry out
    • You are not being considered for new areas or projects that the company has going on
  • You Lack Ambition or Drive in your current role
    • You started out wanting your boss’s job, but now lack interest in ever taking on their role
  • You see No Opportunity for Progression
    • You are being overlooked for promotion or progress within your current job and do not expect to see further progress within the short to medium term
  • Skills or Ideas being overlooked
    • Your current employer is no longer taking notice of your skills or experience within relevant areas
    • Your ideas and suggestions are no longer having any notice taken, despite you being involved in the tasks at hand
  • Already Searching?
    • Have you continued to receive job alerts? Recently have you started paying more attention to them and seeing what is available?
    • You may have even updated your details on job boards such as Totaljobs, Indeed or CV Library
  • Not fitting/No Longer fit the Company Culture or Direction
    • You do not fit or do not believe in the company culture or direction

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