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Top 5 CV Tips

Jun 5th 2018 1:06pm

The Construction Industry can be a highly competitive environment, irrespective of sector. A good CV can be your best asset when applying for a position, it is your first opportunity for self-promotion and marketing, and for an employer it ultimately decides whether you progress to the next stage of applications. Therefore spend as much as time as necessary writing, editing and updating your CV before applying for any position within the Construction Industry.

Our team of experienced consultants have helped compile a list of the Top 5 CV mistakes they see and some tips that will make your CV stand out the next time you apply for a job.

  1. Proof Read and Spellcheck
    • One of the most common mistakes that we see is basic spelling mistakes, when applying for a position make sure that you check every word as even when you use spell check it may have been changed to the Americanised spelling or be the wrong word all together
    • If it says detail orientated in your profile but then your CV is filled with spelling errors the employer will notice. Although this may seem like a small detail, it often rules candidates out of the application process entirely 
  2. Structure
    • Don’t overcomplicate your CV, ensure that the design of the template is easy to follow and read through
    • Choose an easy to read font, such as Arial
    • Keep it to two pages of A4 (unless applying for roles that require additional information, such as design roles where portfolios become critical)
    • Place your career history on reverse chronological order. Having your most recent professions first allows the employer to immediately so whether you would be suitable for the position and then your history will be evidence that you have the necessary experience and commitment
  3. Content
    • Make sure what you are saying is grammatically correct, under typical accountabilities there is no need to preface every sentence with ‘I was responsible for…’ ‘I carried out…’ The employer knows that you carried it out because it’s your CV. Be concise and to the point.
    • As a standard make sure you include the following:
      1. Personal & Contact Information
      2. Education and Qualifications including your achievements
      3. Employment History
      4. Interests and Hobbies
    • Keep your CV up to date, make sure your contact information hasn’t changed and always add in your most up to date employment details
    • Don’t put your hobbies and interests in your personal profile. Sell yourself professionally at the beginning and put your hobbies and interests last
  4. Don’t leave gaps in your CV
    • If you were unemployed for a long period of time put that down rather than leave it blank, it saves any misunderstandings or confusion.  Instead include what you did during these gaps; travelling, voluntary work, raising children etc
  5. Customise your CV to the role
    • Research the role you are applying for and look at the company culture. For example, if they want a hard working ambitious candidate add that into your personal profile, highlight your skills that will fit into that company dynamic

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