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7 Essential Recruitment Trends for 2018

Dec 18th 2017 2:12pm

Kallidus recently reported on the Essential Recruitment Trends For 2018 looking at what trends will help, or hinder, your success in attracting, hiring and retaining talent as we move into 2018?

Here are their predictions.

The annual job application surge

One in four employees are preparing to change jobs in the New Year and not all recruitment processes are prepared to deal with the surge in applications. A rapid, efficient response is essential to ensure that the CVs of qualified candidates aren’t lost in the black hole of your recruitment funnel. It’s still not too late to support your system with an ATS that offers efficiencies in screening and reduces your overall time to hire. 

Job offer rejections are here to stay 

Job hoarding first became a trend in 2016 and will intensify in 2018. Over half of candidates are still in the habit of reneging on job offers if they receive a better offer during the period between job acceptance and start date.

Factors influencing that rejection include:-

  • Negative online reviews of your business.
  • A below average salary.
  • A job description offered during interview which differs from that originally advertised. 
  • Delays in reaching agreement on final candidate selection. 

Automating repetitive, administrative tasks in your hiring process minimises delays while HR focuses on direct candidate engagement.

Your careers website is the ‘future of hiring’

Careers sites are predicted to play a significant role in the ‘future of hiring’ in 2018, offering a way to ‘cut through bad data’.  Employers are becoming more innovative in the use of their careers page, utilising technology such as virtual reality to offer talent a complete ‘walkthrough’ of their prospective working environment. Transform your careers site with an ATS which offers a seamless transition to a branded careers page. For many candidates, this is their first impression of your brand – make it count.

Unconscious bias holds back long-term hiring success

New research from the Open University highlights the ongoing problems with unconscious bias in recruitment, suggesting employers are ‘cloning’ themselves. Nearly a third of senior managers admit to hiring people who are like them. As the ‘war for talent’ continues in 2018, diversity in hiring is critical to reduce the potential for a bad hire and ensure business and performance management objectives are met. Removing the filters in your ATS and introducing the use of anonymised CVs is a step towards reducing that bias and expanding your talent pool.

The ‘war for AI talent’ is here

The rise of automation and AI have created an unprecedented demand for AI talent. Indeed revealed that jobs requiring AI skills have risen by 4.5 times since 2013. The ‘war for AI talent’ is also identified by John Sullivan as a key recruitment trend who predicts that the demand for AI/machine learning will see significant growth in 2018. A sophisticated approach is essential to recruit qualified AI candidates and only possible with data driven recruitment. 

Retention of new hires remains a challenge

Ongoing high departure levels among new hires is one of the biggest challenges facing talent leaders in 2018. Improve your retention levels by offering flexible working options, introducing a ‘wellbeing’ policy and offering on-the-job training. Support your recruitment decisions with HR technology that streamlines your candidate experience, identifies your most successful sources of hire and automates onboarding checks to allow HR to create a more personalised ‘welcome’ for their new employees.

Data driven recruitment is a differentiator

Recruitment driven by big data was one of the top 10 trends predicted by Hays for the next 12 months yet hiring teams remain resistant to the advantages technology brings to talent acquisition. An ATS creates a data driven recruitment process to ensure your hiring decisions are aligned with the analytics in your recruitment software. Data driven recruitment transforms candidate sourcing and facilitates the creation of a high impact hiring process to deliver a better quality of hire. 




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