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5 Ways Construction Technology Is Changing The Industry

Nov 20th 2017 11:11am

Introducing new technology in the field can often be met with hesitation at first, especially for companies who may be stuck in defined ways of management and reporting. However, adapting to new construction technology can provide huge improvements throughout the industry.

In a reported early this year, in-depth data was gathered in to determine the present and future states of the construction industry. This report examined the many ways technology is changing the industry for the better and how this trend will continue to progress into 2018.

Daily Reporting Made Easy

By far, the biggest industry challenge reported by across all aspects of the construction industry is the task of daily reporting. This indicates a quickly mounting concern of staying on track with information such as updates, incident reports, critical information, and reviews. The reason for concern comes from having many items to detail in these reports but having a severe lack of time while working busy days in the field.

Fortunately, incorporating technology helps to resolve the issue of daily reporting. With new technology however, those in charge of daily reports simply need to snap a few photos or take a quick voice note on their phones—minimizing reporting time and maximizing productivity.

Language Barriers Are A Thing of the Past

When asked if language barriers impact day-to-day operations, 36% of those surveyed cited it as an issue. In construction, clear, concise, and understandable communication is key. Without it, problems large and small can arise leading to higher risk, safety issues, and a lack of transparency.

Technology has made language barriers almost non-existent. With the right software, construction terms recorded in several languages can be easily converted and translated into English, ensuring crucial information is relayed as concisely as possible.

Highly Organized Resource And Staff Management

47% of general contractors cited resource and staff management where the biggest daily challenges they faced. If there is difficulty managing staff or resources, the project may be delayed due to not having enough materials or crew.

Currently, there are fantastic apps that make keeping track of both staff and resources simpler than ever before. This means no more slogging through paper reports that may be missing information or are not up-to-date. Apps let you keep track of everything digitally, making it easy to search and find whatever needs found in seconds, as well as updating changes just as quickly.

Updates At Lightning Speed

70% of professionals polled noted updates via hand written or typed up notes, photos, and documents were the biggest challenge in the field. With manual reporting, professionals can only hope the information documented throughout the day is as up-to-date and detailed as possible, even when there is such limited time to do so. In addition, by the time written reports reach those who need to view them, more changes either on site or logistically may have presented themselves and the process has to start all over.

Thankfully, technology comes to the rescue again to ensure notes, photos, updates, and documents are broadcast to those who need them instantaneously. With industry-changing features like keyword notifications, whenever a crucial keyword is highlighted this is immediately flagged and it reduces the damage of human error when it comes to critical details. This leads to fewer issues on-site, dynamic communication, and a quick and steady way to meet deadlines,

AI and its BIG impact

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a valuable source on site with major companies who are incorporating advanced robotics into mainstream practices. Although this is somewhat new as you can see in the diagram below, the impact of these new methods of business are far reaching. trends 2018.jpg


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