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The Construction Industry Must Increase its Contribution to Social Value for Communities

Oct 26th 2017 3:10pm

“The Construction Industry is Inextricably linked with the whole of UK Society, Companies in this industry build the physical world around us and as such it is important that their impact is felt beyond that.” - Mike Ghilligan from The Construction Networks

Since the Social Value Act came into force in January 2013, this obligation has been enshrined in law for any services procured by the public sector.

Construction’s established presence in the community enables lasting relationships to be developed with suppliers and local people, to the extent that by leading the way on ‘social value’ can be a real force for good effecting a much larger societal group. Procuring through social enterprises is one way of delivering this value.

“Many companies across the sector are doing great work to build the bridges between society and business” and at Minstrell we are doing our best to be involved within this statistic.

Recently we have been developing a sector based work academy project that we are rolling out across the Manchester construction scene; Providing an integrated 360 source of training, labour supply and corporate responsibility.

Over the course of 3 weeks Minstrell Recruitment has committed to provide basic training for a range of disadvantaged members of the Greater Manchester community. Through this training, we will provide them with the skill set required to enable them to work successfully as a Labourer on a construction site.

Working in partnership with Mount Anvil, Graham Construction and Job Centre Plus enables us to not only assist in meeting the ever increasing KPI demands within this sector but completely change the lives of the candidates involved, these people who just need that lucky break in life.


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